A New Approach to Healthcare Industry
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Proactiveness Is Our Core

A New Approach to Healthcare Industry

The leading mentality of Care & More which drives our daily operations is based on the concept of being proactive in our field. We translate this concept of proactiveness by predicting and addressing local and global health issues, as well as naturalizing our products and formulas to increase the efficiency and reduce the side effects of the medical intervention.
Benefits for All

Strategic Partnership

Since 2014, Care & More has been building strategic partnership with international brands and corporations who share the same vision and mentality of our company.

The purpose of these partnerships is to consolidate the efforts of making the medical supplements industry transparent, smart, and eco-friendly as possible. Since then, Care & More became the exclusive agent and distributor of Celia infant milk brand in Turkey.

Celia infant milk is a brand owned by the international corporation Lactalis Group, the world largest dairy producers with 255 production sites and +100,000 health and quality tests and controls per year.

Corporations and companies are just one part of our success partners; customers and end consumers are the focal point of Care & More and we always work to involve them in improving our medical solutions to meet their customized and varied requirements.