Nutrition & Medical Supplements Company

Care and More

Care & More is a trading company that provides more than OTC medical supplies and nutritional supplements, Care & More is a value provider that takes care people health and wellbeing.
Led by advanced research and technology (R&D) Care & More started its journey in 2013 in Turkey – Istanbul, the hub of regional and international investors, with the purpose of enhancing the lifestyle and quality of the whole family through trading and distributing innovative and cutting-edge medical supplies and nutritional supplements.

Our Vision

We believe in the importance of discovering and creating investments opportunities in the industry of medical supplements that contribute to enhanced lifestyle and quality of our community

Our Mission

A strong and collaborative medical supplement ecosystem that is able to overcome the 21st century barriers and deliver value to the international markets.
The first letters of the word CARE

Our Company Values


Caring: we care about people health and wellbeing under all conditions and in spite of logistic barriers


Accomplishment: Care & More always set challenging goals and work to make them real using efficient and effective resources.


Responsibility: Improving the lifestyle and quality of the community is our priority, especially when it is related to the right to access fair healthcare


Energetic: We approach our vision full of energy and passion by taking advantage of youth and entrepreneurial human capital

Granting Healthcare

Our Goals and Objectives


Expand the range of our products to meet all needs of people in the field of infants’ healthcare and nutrition supplements.


Introducing high-quality satisfactory products with very reasonable prices to multiple segments of customers.

Medical Supplies Company in Turkey

Building high-trust cooperative relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers.


Embrace the concept of continuous development in order to increase the competitiveness and innovation power of our company.